Monday, March 26, 2012

Movies...A Tool For Reading?

Is it really Monday?  I think I missed Sunday along the way...

As is typical in life these days, my weekend went by crazy fast. Darling Divas voice lessons on Friday night, shopping and general have to get done chores on Saturday and a whirlwind of things on Sunday one of which being a promise I made to Darling Diva over spring break.  Finish reading The Hunger Games book and I will take you to see the movie. 

Yes, parents will use any tool available to get their kids to read.

~Interesting side note:  I think my mother cursed me...  You know how parents at one point or another say to their kids, "You just wait until you have a child of your own!"  Yeah, for my mom it always revolved around reading.  LOL  No matter how hard she tried, when I was young, she could not pull my nose from a book.  Yard work bored me, cleaning was a punishment to my way of thinking and thank you, all the things my mom enjoyed brought tears to my eyes.  So as the killer of my mom's simple dreams for me (as all children do growing into themselves) she always warned "You just wait...your child will hate reading!"  Guess what, she was right!  Okay, hate's maybe too strong of a word for Darling Diva's feelings of the written word, but she can always find something else to do when I suggest reading.~

Anyway, back on target...  Apparently this movie was worth the cost of reading, because Darling Diva did finish the book...and started the next one, Catching Fire, because she like Hunger Games that much.  So I got tickets for opening weekend.  I'd hoped to have more time to read the book myself before seeing the movie, but no such luck.  I wanted to encourage her to read more and that meant following through on my promise.  However, seeing the movie before the book has not diminished my interest in reading the story...the movie was incredibly compelling and paralleled RL society in so many ways.  The book and movie have started many meaningful conversations between DD and I about starving people, our responsibilities as good and caring people in the world and even love/war/death. 

And on a lighter note for my Darling Diva who I live to amuse...the following picture:  

Stop by tomorrow and see why I'm firmly on Team Gale and not Team Peeta like my daughter.  :)

A Day in the Life of Serena 

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  1. Hmmm... what compelled you most about THE HUNGER GAMES?

    Glad DD was interested enough to read just to see the movie. ~smiles~

    1. Hey Savanna, there are two things that compelled me the most about the is the obvious disparity among the classes or as they call them, districts. The capital houses the richest, most garish members of society while the districts are the poor and starving; those who rebelled. This leads into my second thing...The Hunger Games were established as punishment for those who rebelled against the status quo, 74 years ago and the only ones who can "play in the games" are the children between 12 and 18 - one male and one female from each district and only one will win. The idea that the accepted punishment for standing against that upper echelon is the continuing murder of innocent children makes me cringe and wonder. Could today's or tomorrow's society ever really find that sort of thing appropriate? I have to hope and pray not, but never say never.

      It's definitely a movie worth seeing. :)

  2. Very, very sadly, there are similar 'games', and much worse, going on right now. If you search out the info, you can find horror after horror... the whole Sandusky thing is small potatoes in comparison... there are dungeons filled with women and children, mostly starved, beaten. But it doesn't make the mainstream news, when someone manages to escape, because the psychopathic powers-that-be wield weapons most won't fight against.

    What gets me too. There's no need for hunger. If we were growing Hemp across the country, which is a very healthy food -- the seeds and oil from the seeds -- for just one example of what could be done, a lot of the hunger and fuel problems would be eliminated.

    So, WHO wants to keep humanity starving?

    1. I agree, Savanna, there are so many RL horrors out there that are not making it into the mainstream news...most perpetrated on women and children, including starvation. It's maddening, horrifying and shameful that sections of society have been unable or unwilling to change things. :(

      Yep, hemp is awesome!