Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Word of the Day - Chicanery

Chicanery \shih-KAY-nuh-ree\, noun:

1. The use of trickery or sophistry to deceive (as in matters of law).
2. A trick; a subterfuge.

~I know I've heard this word used before, but what a nice flow it has.  So I wondered where the word came from and check out what I found.~


From French chicaner (to quibble).

~Cool, huh.  I am so going to have to use this word in a discussion with my family sometime.  I wonder if it will stop the conversation or if I'll get a what are you saying kind of look...heheheh.~


  1. I kind of like "sophistry" also. One of MY favorite words is "uxorious"...dotingly fond of one's wife.

  2. Chicanery does have a nice ring to it. I know the word was used a lot at one time in history, having to do with the chicanery of politician in particular. Besides, the word would sound great in a speech.

    Cara, I didn't know about 'uxorious'. Thanks.

  3. Cara, I agree sophistry is a smooth word and uxorious is fun...I like that meaning. :)

  4. Hey Savanna, chicanery is definitely a great one to hear in a speech, oooh or I can hear a sexy hero talking to his naughty heroine...

    "There will be no more chicanery, Serena. Correct."

    ~I see ropes and spankings, for sure~ heheheh ;)

  5. ~ ropes and spankings... and maybe some cane-ry...

  6. Heh heh, yes indeed, Savanna, cane-ry as well! ;) Nice one!