Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally....A Magical The End!

The last sentence is down, those last two words are placed and I am one happy author!

Oh, I still have to edit and re-edit, send it off to my CP and a reading buddy, edit again and then hopefully be ready to submit.  Still and all I'm thrilled to have it done.

No shifters in this story, but magic and mayhem, indeed, and a wee bit of Latin.

Next up, a bit of work on my dazzling dragon story and editing on my second jaguar shifter story...I hope they are both ready for me!

Nite all...


  1. Oh, WAHOOOOO! Always such a good feeling. Magic and Mayhem will ensue, and become a mighty success, too!

    Oh, yes, dragons... must have dragons.

    Wow, have you accomplished a lot!

  2. Thanks Savanna! A good feeling, indeed.

    Yep, dragons are so a must!