Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!

Well, I voted, but do you know what the highlight of my day has been so far?  On the way home from doing my duty, I heard Election Day by Arcadia on the radio!  ~Can you believe I found a picture of the album cover?~

I know kinda sad, huh.

An election of our leaders should be exciting and energizing.  I should be jonesing to know the results, to know if my small part has helped, but the reality is I'm just glad that the barrage of horror show TV ads and radio blurbs are going to be over...

I used to believe I could make a difference in the world of politics, but now, I'm not sure.

Happy Election Day everyone...I hope you hear one of your favorites songs on the radio as well!


  1. I used to vote consistently because I thought it made a difference.
    Not anymore.
    Voting election fraud has skyrocketed to unbelievable levels.

    So sad. I love my country!!!

    Here's hoping the good folks who do get elected are supported by more good folks so that a true difference is made, one that benefits us all.

  2. Oh man, voting fraud just makes me sick. So sad those kinds of measures are resorted to!

    Yes, here's to hoping for a true and positive change for everyone!!