Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Facts - Pablo Picasso

The First Communion by Pablo Picasso
Picture and facts from Mental Floss

1. The painting depicts Pablo Picasso’s sister, Lola, at her first communion. The man at her side is either modeled on their father or on Vilches, a doctor and a friend of the family. The young altar boy is Pere, Vilches’ son.

2. Picasso’s interest in art developed at a young age: he began drawing by age 7, he completed his first painting by age 9, and at age 14 he began “The First Communion.”

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I just love art.  My walls are covered by prints I've found interesting, unique, strange and peaceful.  I'm not an expert, just a avid looker, ponderer and enjoyer of visual art.

When I happened across this painting by Picasso, I was shocked...that painting is a Picasso?  They don't, at all, resemble the works on my wall.  Nope, this painting was so normal.  Beautiful, of course, but just so normal.  As I read the article I was bowled over to learn that this painting was started when Pablo was only 14.  Let see, at 14 I was gawking at cute boys and listening to copious amounts of Duran Duran... very impressive.


  1. I've never seen that painting by Picasso... I like it.

    No, sorry, I'm not a Picasso afficiando. Vincent Van Gogh is one of my main artists. However, I was painting at age 14... though, my abilities will never be recognized.

  2. Hey Savanna, Van Gogh is wonderful as well. I have a print of his Sunflowers on Blue in my bedroom. Those sunny yellow flowers are a sure way to lighten ones day.

    I'm also a huge fan of George Seurat. His pointilist works astound me.

    As for Picasso, some of his works are quite beautiful, some of them make me tilt my head and say...huh and others just make me smile. :)

    Good for you for painting at 14! I bet your abilities were wonderful...I was more of a paint by number'er. hehe