Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flirt - Lingerie

Now one might argue that once you get to the Lingerie segment of your date, the flirting has been a success. I agree, however, there is more flirty fun to be had with our sexy secret underclothes.

What are you telling your lover with your choice of lingerie?

If you sport a conservative white ensemble, are you saying you are looking for some gentle, beautiful love making?

If your tighty whiteys are really a deep red and expose more than they cover, are you looking for something hot and fast on your first go round and long and simmering the rest of the night long?

If you bring a whole lotta black leather to the table, ~sigh~ well you can paint your own picture there... ;)

Or maybe it doesn't really matter what the color and style, but more that you are wearing it to flirt with your partner that one last time before you... assume the position.

Have a Flirty Friday, everyone!


  1. Assume the position... I'm giggling!

    Ooooh, lingerie, luv it. I'm not big on underwear, but lingerie for those special occasions... oh yes, yes, yes!

  2. :)

    I love the lingerie that inspires the immediate ripping off of! Woot