Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Flirt - The Smile

Now I've been known to tell a dorky joke or two in order to pull today's flirt from another person, because I just love to see their smiles. 

Some smiles are broad and boisterous, while other are shy and retiring.  With some we see teeth and others just the press of lips.

My favorite smile though is the one that reaches the persons eyes, the one that opens a little bit of their soul and lets me know that for this moment all is right in the world...yep, that's the smile for me.


  1. Smiles are amazing, just the variety and style.

    The smile that reaches the eyes is always the best. i like twinkly eyes.

  2. Ooh, twinkly is good too, with all kinds of sexy smile lines at the sides. The kind that tell you this person smiles - a lot! :)