Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Flirt - The Kiss

Can you kiss and flirt at the same time?  Is there a happy flirty medium between the peck on his cheek and a full on, down and dirty take me now kinda kiss?

I think so.

Lets see, there's the lip to lip press where your tongue plays secret spy and slips past the the guards to flick lightly against his upper lip, before being caught.  There's the I can't resist that sexy lower lip of yours nip, the I hope we can go home soon bite of his masculine chin...

You know, yes, a kiss can be damn sexy and flirty.  What do you think, what is your favorite flirty kiss?


  1. Serena, oh, those are great flirty kisses... I want them ALL!

    I also adore teasing little nibbles, lips or very lightly with the teeth... there are so many wonderful variations on flirty kisses!

    Viva, la kiss!

  2. Oh yeah, Savanna, nibbling is always appreciated! ;)