Monday, May 10, 2010

The End Is Near...

Don't worry, this isn't a 'the world is ending' or 'the sky is falling' blog, more it is a reminder to myself of how short my full-time writer time is getting. Thirty-one days or one month until the doors to my darling diva's school swing wide and she is released onto to world, homework and fancy free!

Cries of freedom ring loudly on that day as children break the bonds of ~gasp~ required learning and parents once again wish, albeit secretly, of course, that school lasted longer or heck, what about that year round class idea... hehe

But I digress. Back to the reason for this reminder. I've found over the last few summers that trying to start a story project, during the summer is a fruitless task. I need quiet and solitude to get the words on the page, not "Mom, I'm bored!" spouted off at me every five minutes.

I have also come to the realization that editing and research are great summer writing projects, for me at least. And I would be remiss if I didn't say that, I am really lucky to have the summers with my daughter. She is inquisitive and intense, she can quietly immerse herself in a project of her own and yeah, I still get a few of the "I'm bored" comments, but for the most part, she is just happy to be here with me as I am with her. This summer, we are learning to knit and/or crochet (whichever turns out to be the easier one) Wish me luck!

Oh and as for the reminder...I must finish the rough draft of my current wip. Thirty-one days and approx 4k left in words. Slow writer or not, I should be able to make that work. :)

Have a great week!



    Oh, crocheting and knitting is good. What about macrame jewelry?

  2. Thanks Savanna!

    Ooh, that's right, we could try macrame, though I'll have to check a book out of the library on that as I only have a very vauge memory of how to do it! hehe