Saturday, March 20, 2010

What A Way To Start The Day...

So I suppose everyone has a way they like to start the day. Mine happens to be early, say 5:30 or 6:00am with a cup of coffee and making various stops along my Internet delights.

I love the quiet of the morning to read blogs, forums and emails. I do a little farming (yep, the hubby and I play farmville. A silly game for a couple of silly folks.)

My quiet morning me time gets me ready for the mom, wife and writer day to follow.

Not so this morning. This morning started with my Darling Diva, up before the morning sun, which really isn't a big deal as she'll check out the cartoons for a while and I will still get a bit of the private time just not as quiet.

If only things had gone like that. I flipped on the computer, wanting to get it started before I set the coffee to brewing, only to find a completely dark modem. With my endless supply of optimism ~choke, cof, cof~ I hope, and secretly pray that the little box has merely been unplugged.

Of course not.

It's dead and no amount of pleading on my part will bring it back. By now, my sweet husband had felt the invisible waves connecting us, or maybe it was a few of the choice words that had slipped past my lips, and is ready to help.

He futzes with the modem, the cord, the outlet. I call the Internet/modem people. He grumbles about no power, I mumble about expensive replacement modems.

We both wonder about our farms. Will they wither? LOL, the things you think of when confronted with no Internet.

He wonders aloud about some tool he could use to check the thing and I fret about missing a workshop.

It was all quite frustrating.

But guess what? The hubster digs though his electronic stash and finds some little tester thing and checks the cord. Questionable life in that baby. Could it be that a new cord is all it will take to give me back my connection and save me the almost $100 the Internet company quoted me for a new one?

I can only hope...

So one trip to my least favorite store later, we attach the new cord and BAM we have lights. Little green blips of happiness and I am once again able to connect to the Internet. Woot!!


  1. It's frightening how addicted I've become to the internet. Seriously, whenever we have internet or power issues, I am a completely witch. Glad you got yours back.

  2. Oh jolie, it is frightening. When we lose the internet, I feel a little(er maybe A lot) lost, like my friend has left...

    wow, I am one big addict! LOL

  3. Oh wow, I'm glad it was simple to fix in the end... yeah, I live in fear of something going wrong, simply because I rely on the internet for so much... not good, but also not much choice...

    Yeah, it feels like disconnecting from the world and not in a good way.

  4. Yep, Savanna, I'm extremely thankful for the easy fix! When it was out, all I could think of was all the things I do on a regular basis and all the places I go... And quite honestly, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm on the low side of places I visit...what's it going to be like when I increase my online presence...eek ;)

  5. Serena, it's the ole double edge sword. Tech today, unless, you're wealthy and can afford redundant systems... is always a tricky business. We need it to do business and have a presence. At the same time, it's not reliable and has no redundancy built into it.

  6. Very true, Savanna, very true. ;)