Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bald Face Liar

Oh Alanna, I can't believe you went there! Why I never! Well, almost never... Okay, maybe a little... Sometimes... Oh hell, I do, every darn day, but it's called writing, baby!

So here's the deal, there are seven statements below and only two are true. Can you guess which ones?

1. I'm twenty-nine years old, again.
2. I was raised in a hippy commune.
3. I've been on every reality TV show there is and won them all.
4. I once added the Aerosmith logo to every window in my garage in order to win tickets to a concert.
5. I'm one of the survivors from the Titanic.
6. I taught Madonna everything she knows.
7. I'm an awesome liar!!

There ya have it, my creative ~bald face lies~ writing! Drop me a line and let me know which you think are true, then stop by the authors I've tagged to see if they too joined in the game...
Ann Lory * Crystal Kauffman * Francesca Hawley


  1. Two and seven???

    Who loves ya, baby?

    Me, that's who!

  2. 3 and 6

    I think I remember seeing you on Rock of Love bus. You were the drunk one with the bleached blonde hair, big boobs, and tats, right. lol!

  3. Oooh Savanna, how I wish I'd have been raised on a commune!!

    Love you too, my dear. :)

    Damn Jolie, good eye! Yep, that was me all right, making the family soo proud! LOL ;)

  4. Hey Nara,
    Yep, I'm busted...twenty nine, again and again and again if I have my way! ;)