Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Temptation Tuesday - The Massage

Yes, massage is a true temptation for me. The relaxing of muscles and the releasing of stress at the hands of a talented therapist sound like pure heaven. Check out this list of massages offered at the nationwide Massage Envy Clinics:

Trigger Point
Deep Tissue
Cranial Sacral
Hot Stone Envy
Chair Massage

I've never had a massage, but some day soon I hope to remedy that, starting with the Hot Stone Envy. What about you, to massage or not massage. Does it tempt?


  1. Massages are the best, if you have the right masseuse. I haven't had one for a LONG time.
    Good ones are pure heaven. Though, I have done the deep tissue ones and those are strictly therapeutic.
    Oh, I wish...

    Actually, I'm pretty good at doing them at a non-professional level, however.
    I had more than one person say I should become a masseuse. But, truthfully, my hands wouldn't have been up that kind of steady usage.

  2. Definitely need the right masseuse. I bet with the wrong one it would be a not so great experience. ~yikes~

    Deep tissue, oh my, I wonder if that would not be for a beginner like me...lol I'd probably scream the place down with that one! Haha

    Nope, I agree Savanna, my hands would not be able to take that kind of usage for long either. ;)

  3. Oh, man. I really need a massage after all the walking I did yesterday. I love to have my feet and legs rubbed. I become jelly. lol!!

  4. Oh yeah, Jolie, a foot massage turns me into one big blob of happy! They are definitely the forgotten erogenous zone. ;)

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