Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh Such Temptation...

Come with me, my fine friends on a trip down the temptation trail. I awoke this morning to a triple treat and it all started with a stop at today's blog on the Shapeshifter Seductions site. Savanna Kougar teases us first with her heat filled snippets of werewolfie delights... All are wonderful, but I was drawn to The Black Wolf’s Prophetess myself. Duke Zon has a whole lotta yumminess going on! Please do tell Savanna which is your favorite, then maybe we will get to see more snippets!! ;)

Next on the trail was on the same site, just further down Savanna titillates with a continuation of New Bull in Town ~ Darius Speaks. And he most certainly does speak, right to my....ahem, moving on! psst...if you haven't read any of this flash, be sure to start at the beginning, you won't be sorry!

Lastly, is a stop at The Happily Ever After blog for an erotic flash not to be missed. Skycat's lovely gift is enough to make any woman weep!

So thank you Savanna Kougar for my Tempting Tuesday!


  1. Serena... BIG SMILES! Thank you.

    Hmmmm... Temptation Tuesday similar to the Thursday Thirteen... I wonder if that could become a blog tour.

  2. Hmmm, I'm thinking Tempation Tuesday sounds yummy! ;)

  3. I know we're all too darn busy. And I'm not certain if I could even keep up...
    However ~ Temptation Tuesday sounds like a good idea with a lot of room for creativity.
    Maybe, some man candy cuties or hotties... a sexy snippet or excerpt or story idea... or anything that fits the theme... readers might like checking out our blogs.

  4. I like it, Savanna! Heck, Temptation Tue could even include a shout out of our fellow authors books that we've found tempting! I'm thinking I going to be on the look out for my next temptation tue ideas!