Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Interview

Hi All,
So this weeks prompt is an interview. I love interviews! No not the dress up and go in to answer "What do I feel is a weakness of mine?" Blah, I hate those types of interviews.

The interviews I enjoy are the ones I do with my characters. Getting to know them is A number one on the list of important things to do before I start my books. Heck, I'll interview them part way through the story when I need more or clarification of an idea.

Thus, I thought I would share an interview I did with the Alpha male, jaguar shifter of my first book, The Challenge.


Me: Good Morning, Bastian. You awake?

Bastian: Grrrrr

Me: Yikes, no need to be snarly, not enough sleep last night?

B: My mate needed me last night and I provided. Now, what the hell do you want.

Me: ~sigh~ What I want and what I need are totally different states of mind my
dear. ~pant, pant~

B: Ha! ~snickers~ What do you need then, sweets?

Me: stay on topic, girly. Ok, I need to ask you some questions. First, what the heck were you doing at the casino, the night you met Mari?

B: Shit, only good thing to come from that night was Mari. I was there tracking a rouge shifter. The ass munch got baked on some ganga he’d grown on the Den’s acreage and decided it would be a kick to walk down main street in his cat suit or so say his friends, but being as high as he was, he couldn't find main street, thankfully. Like we need that kind of exposure. Anyway, he ended up at a local farm, harassing the livestock. The farmer didn’t take kindly to the nuisance and shot at him, but claims that he only got him in the hindquarters. Stoner boy made it all the way to the fricking casino with shotgun beads in his ass… go figure.

Me: Well that explains what you were doing there, but why were you there rather than the enforcers?

B: Boy you are noisy aren’t cha. The enforcers were there, I just happened to be with them. And before you ask why, well, I was bored.

Me: You were “bored” so you put yourself at risk? And your guards allowed that?

B: Watch your tongue little one, I may be the leader, but I do as I damn well please.

Weeks later………..

Me: ahem?

B: Sweets, you know you rock and are the sexiest thing with those gorgeous green eyes, but baby you’ve got crappy timing!

Me: ~blushing~ Thanks and Sorry…want me to come back later?

B: one sec…. yeah she’s out for a while, ~wink~ what can I do for you?

Me: You stud! Well here’s the thing, I need more emotion from you…I know, I know, I get your stoic show of emotions, but this is a romance and we need more…

B: Blast, Serena, an alpha shows all the emotions they need to in their dominance!

Me: ~whew~ I get that, but I need more. How about we do this, other than how Mari looks, what draws you to her?

B: It’s her soft sighs, her smell, the part of her that seeps into my pores and makes me feel ten feet tall and able to do anything. She shores up the fear I’m not suppose to have. Her simple presence makes me feel whole.

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  1. What a delightful interview! It leaves us up in the air as to the true character of your interviewee since we don't know the background; therefore I feel that I must read the book. I did quite a lot of interviewing of characters when I wrote my one and onlly novel, but even so they would do utterly unexpected things.

    Your post was fun!

  2. 2nd comment from me today. I read and enjoyed your interview with Paranormal Romances. Your answers were as imaginative as your stories (almost).

  3. I meant Paranormal ROMANTICS and I was going to compliment Rebecca Royce on her questions, except that I have the memory of a sleepy flea these days. Did I get it the names right this time?

  4. Hi Granny,
    Thank you for stopping by and checking out my interview on Paranormal Romantics. :) Rebecca asked some wonderfully fun questions indeed.

  5. Bastion, you softie, you... soft as that fur of yours, I bet.

  6. Hey Savanna,
    Yep, Bastian is a bit softie that's for sure! Unless of course someone messes with his Marina. ;)