Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Okay, So I'm Just A Bit Technologically Challenged...

Here's me six months ago, when my ereader decided it had given it's all and chose to take the techno train to the big byte-o-rama in the sky.

What would I do? I have skads of books in mobi format, waiting to be read and my pocket pal was no longer...

I, of course, looked into buying a new one, but let's face it, I'm a stay-at-home mom/author and money is well, beyond tight. Ereaders, computers and all the happy gadgets that make this lady smile are wisely, but sadly, pushed to the bottom of the wants list.

As the months wore on those sad, unread stories called out to me in their wonderful imaganary voices, read me - read me!! I wanted to cave, to find a way to get a new reader. There had to be a way to make my want into a need.

It's research for my writing? It keeps me sane in an insane world? If you loved me, you would let me..., I could get a case of blue 'eye' balls from not reading enough! I tell you I must have it!!!!

Again, wisely, food and shelter trumped ereaders.

So what's a person to do if they have all of these wonderful ebooks in non-pdf format and they lose their ereaders?

See here's where my less than full knowledge of technology becomes embarassing...some of you are probably saying, duh, you go to the, in my case, site and click on software. When you do guess what you find???

Software to open those babies on your PC!! Woot! Nope not kidding, it is really there and I became the proud runner of mobi on my pc just yesterday. Now I can start reading all the books that have been waiting somewhat patiently for my return!
Now, this is me today -->
How do I spell relief? READING READING READING!
Have a great day!!


  1. Oh, Serena, I wish I'd been smart enough to remember seeing that info and passing it along.
    Since, I'm as techno challenged, it didn't click.

    However, your bloggie is a scream, sorry to laugh at your expense.

  2. Hehe, laugh away, Savanna! I love it when people get a chuckle from something I wrote. ;)

    I'm totally jazzed to have found it though... The first book up, Red Lioness Tamed and a whole lotta Draxen action!! Woot!

  3. Hey Serena,
    I have to tell you about this great promo contest that's going on that you should enter...there are about 15 Kindle II units that are potentially up for grabs...It's fairly simple to enter...I did...and I'm a complete tech dummy...I totally know where you're coming from about :)
    I've never had an e-reader but I have tons and tons of ebooks and I'm getting uber tired of trying to read them on my macbook and I can't afford to buy one right now; hence my attempt to win one...

    Here's the URL for the contest...Good Luck! I hope you win...I hope I win too :) the way...just wanted to let you know that it's open to international feel free to pass on the link to others :)

  4. s7anna - thanks for the heads up! That looks like an awesome give-a-way. I'll have to check it out. :)

    Good luck!!