Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Muse...

Mairwen lurked, beneath brush and around trees, in this duel fantasy she waited for him to find her.  Her imagined scent would give her away, his senses superior even in the dream-like world, but she was ready for him.

A mournful cry tore at her heart.  He was close.

Once a month, he pulled her in and gave her from dusk to total dark to run and hide.  When he found her they would engage in a sexual sparring so carnal she'd never met its physical match.  

The wolf's snuffle sounded close to the ear she'd tucked against the tree.  She'd been found.  This time, she'd connect to the man inside the beautiful beast.  This time, she'd beg him to find her and free her from Acacia, the woman keeping her body hostage.  This time....

A Day in the Life of Serena 
Song of the DayRadar Love by Golden Earring

Currently Reading:  Night Moves by Stephanie Tyler

Currently Writing:  Ideas for new wip.  Editing:  The Submission

Quote of the DayIt is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

André Gide


  1. Talk about running wild! Oh yeah. I like you fascinating world and who could resist the wolf?

  2. Thanks Savanna! I certainly can't resist my wolves. ;)

    This is actually a tiny piece of one of the werewolf series stories I'm working on...they seem to be coming to me in scattered little random bits, but I take them... :D