Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Word of the Day

solecism \SOL-uh-siz-uhm\, noun:
1. A breach of good manners or etiquette.
2. A nonstandard or ungrammatical usage, as unflammable and they was.
3. Any error, impropriety, or inconsistency.

~LOL, so many of the character's in the fictitious town of Talbot's Peak, found over on my group blog Shapeshifter Seductions, suffer from this affliction a time or two.  They are also a heck of a lot of bring on the solecism.  ;)~ 

Solecism was originally a toponym for people from the Greek city of Cilicia where a corrupt form of Greek was spoken. It came to mean "a mistake in speaking or writing" in Middle French in the 1500s. The sense of "a breach in manners" was recorded in the early 1600s.  ~info from