Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Retro... The 13th?

So you have to ask yourself...WTH?  How are Lemon/Limes associated with Friday the 13th and women's bodies?? I honestly have no idea. I searched the web, for a while, mixing and matching human/fruit/Friday the 13th and the only thing I found was that apparently Eve ate the fruit on a Friday. Really? If that's the case, then our lady above should be sporting an apple, not a citrus fruit.

Oh well, maybe one of you will enlighten me. ;-)

Enjoy the vintage pic and if you're the superstitious type—stay safe. If you're superstitious and a lady… Watch out for giant citrus fruit!


  1. I have no earthly clue why citrus and Friday the 13th... ah, the great mysteries of life. Maybe, it was an ad for fruit???

  2. LOL...perhaps it was Savanna. At least that would make sense. :)