Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday De-Stressor...

Now who couldn't use a sure fire cure for stress...I know I could.  Are the instructions below a cure?  Probably not, but they couldn't hurt to try.  Well, sticking a finger in your ear might not be the most comfortable thing, but smelling a yummy candle sounds lovely. 

Check out the steps below courtesy of Braingle.  And may you all find a trigger of your own!

~Similar to how Pavlov's dog had associated food with the sound of a bell, it's possible to program your mind to associate some stimuli with being in a relaxed and calm state. This can be a very effect way of coping with stress.

The first step is to find a trigger that you can use on yourself. It should be something that doesn't happen in a normal day. Maybe it could be sticking a finger in your ear, pinching the back of your hand, or taking a whiff from one of your scent canisters.

The second step is to associate this trigger with the state of being calm and relaxed. Try to conjure up a vivid memory of a time in the past when you were totally at peace. Try to recreate all the sounds, smells and images. Once you think you have a good visualization, program it into your mind by sticking your finger in your ear, or whatever else you have chosen to be your trigger. In the future, whenever you are naturally feeling calm and relaxed you should reinforce your trigger by doing it.

Now that you have programmed your mind to associate the trigger with a relaxed state, you can use it whenever you feel stressed. Simply activate your trigger and you will immediately start feeling more relaxed.~


  1. Well, it could work, if you had time to program yourself that way. However, sticking a finger in your ear in a time of high stress in a public place might just get you sent to the looney bin... especially in these times. Or, someone might decide you're trying to explode an ear bomb... ??? Send in the drones?

    1. LOL...yeah, the finger in the ear thing is a little goofy, but I like a well placed pinch between the thumb and first finger and memories of happy hours spent as a kid at my grandparents cabin.

      My imagination ran free on those long ago summers. ;)

  2. Yeah, that's a good way of de-stressing. Not possible always, but I like a sort of a nap-meditation or a streaming daydream.