Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - Joy

Joy to the things
all shiny and new

Joy to the way
that I love you

Joy to the feelings
deep in my heart

Joy to the way
we leapt from the start

Joy to the love
we brought into the world

Joy to the wings
she finally unfurled

Joy to the time
we've been given together

Joy to the memories
I'll hold them forever

Joy to the moments
right up to the end

Joy to the whispers; the love
I'll continue to send...
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  1. thanks for sharing a list of the things that are joyous to you

  2. Oh, that is so overwhelmingly beautiful. ~sigh~

  3. Thanks for stopping by Zongrik! :)

  4. Thanks Savanna! It was one of those spur of the moment, furious writing, had to get it down thoughts... I love when that happens. :D

  5. This piece reads so well. Great work.

  6. Joy to the wings
    she finally unfurled


  7. Thanks oldegg! It slipped so easily from my head to my hand and through the pen...It must have been waiting for me for a while. :)