Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Retro...

LOL, so I generally try to refrain from posting questionable language on my blog, but this graphic is just perfect for my sense of humor.  Technically, I should be calling this a Friday Retro with a twist, since I know the words had to be added recently.  And since we are now in December (can you believe it) I could call this a Friday Retro Christmas with a twist...or I could call it this years Christmas card!

Oh man, I can see the looks on my relatives faces if that got this baby in the mail...muahahaha

Haven't we all had this kind of Christmas though?  It starts with frantic shopping, failed spritz cookies cause the dang press is a piece of junk, more frantic shopping which now includes a new spritzer so you can remake the cookies, indecision on what the menu should be for the Christmas Eve get together, more f-ing(that's frantic, wink wink) shopping, battles over whether that one year we made a truffle or a trifle, mf shopping (that's more), Christmas tunes and Christmas games, too much wine, not enough food... up late and early to rise, head pounding and toys under the tree that look as if a hopped up reindeer put them together...

So, yeah, Harold...where is that rum!!


  1. Oh gosh, that is TOO GOOD! Yeah, words definitely added later. I love Christmas time, but I'm glad I'm out of all that give-me-the-rum craziness now. But, hell, I sure would like some rum-laced real egg nog. Delicious stuff.

  2. Hehe...yeah, I'm still firmly entrenched in the rum-laced craziness of the holiday's, but fear not...every year, Darling Diva reminds me in the best of ways the real importance of the holiday. :D

    You know, maybe the rum would help, but I'm not a nogger. Something about it does me in. :(

  3. Yeah, nog isn't for everyone. But I've had organic nog, made with real ingredients, cream, spices, egg... and I just love it. Plus, I like putting it in hot chocolate. Long ago, I made egg nog from scratch complete with brandy. And it was darn good. Probably needed more cream, though.