Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning, er Now Afternoon, Disconnect...

I've begun to notice a trend in my life, I'm calling it the Monday Morning Disconnect.  It seems that after the loud and busy weekends around my place, filled with family time, essential chores and little writing or computer time, Monday's have become the day I sit and look at the computer and all of my wip and find my brain, disconnected...

~the number you are calling has been disconnected or is no longer in service...~

That's my brain!  Fried, frazzled and out of service; not a pretty picture, of that I can assure you. 

What do I do then to get myself back on track?

~Hang up and try your call again.~

Yes, I've tried that too , but to no avail.  I watched the snow fall (yes, we're getting more of the white stuff)  I've played with my dogs, I've listened to music, I've even contemplated taking a nap, but that won't get it done either. 

Soon I'm off to get my darling diva from school...tomorrow is another day, let's hope my brain is back on the hook!

Have a lovely and productive day everyone!


  1. Oooh, talk about hang up and try your call again... that happened to me today... so, not fun and not good.

  2. No, not fun at all...thankfully the diconnect moved on at this's to hoping it did on your end as well! ((hugs))

  3. HUGS! It's better, but I'll find out when I start writing on Kandy. ~smiles~