Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit - Fallingwater

This house, designed by one of America's most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright is located in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

Built between 1936 and 1939 it is so named Fallingwater because it is built atop a 30' waterfall and it does not even appear to sit on solid ground.

Once a family vacation home for department store owners the Kaufmann's, Fallingwater is now a National Historic Landmark open for tours.  You can find more information about this fascinating home at http://fallingwater.org/

~I've always adored Frank Lloyd Wrights works and enjoy sharing its beauty with others.  Can you imagine living on and listening to a waterfall...  I think I'd be the most relaxed person in existence!  ;) ~


  1. Oh, I got to tour a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright houses... wouldn't I adore visiting that one?

    I've imagined homes built with their own waterfall wall... not like that one, though... what a cool idea for story setting.

  2. Oh, how lucky you are to have toured a few of his houses! It is on my list of must do things. :)

    Waterfall walls or waterfalls underneath, both would awesome story settings! Going to have to ponder that some. ;)