Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Like Naming A Baby...

Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but sometimes it feels darn close.  What am I talking about, you ask? 

Let me start again...

I've finished a story.  Woot!  Well, almost finished, see now I have to settle on a title and much like when naming a baby, I've gone round and round about what to call it.  Most of the time a working title presents itself to me right from the get go and I use some variation of that at the end, but this story has been stubborn.  No stand out title has ever presented itself so I've limped along just calling it magic.

Now that I'm ready to submit, I need a title I love, like or can live with.  LOL

I want it to be short and sweet, concise and memorable.  I want it to look good on the cover I see in my dreams.  I want it to fit the story.  And if I'm lucky enough to sell the story; I know the title could change, but until then I want the story to put its best foot forward and that includes having a snappy title.

So, back to the drawing board.  Bring on the titles!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Ah, the title... I've written stories from just a title that pops into my head. On the other hand, I've written an entire story and the title eludes me like a dream I want to remember, but can't.

  2. Yep, this is like the latter... I love when I get the title first. There's just something really cool about saying the title and having the story fill your head.

    I've narrowed my search down to two and now I'm chewing on them to see which one wins... ;)