Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tat

Now I'm guessing this is a temporary tattoo as I've never seen a glitter ink'd gun tattoo before, but I could be wrong.  Temporary or real, this is fabulous! 


  1. Serena, that is one gorgeous tat... wouldn't that be fun for a real party or a romance novel party.

  2. Oh mercy, that would be fun! With just the right dress to pull it off we could be the belles of the ball. Gee, I seem to recall a certain ball coming up in Talbot's Peak... I wonder if anyone in attendence will be sporting a new look. ~smiles~

  3. Glitter tattoos would be cool at Devon's coming out ball-party... maybe, even representing which wolf family pack you belong to... hmmmm... or something more fun.