Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Essential Oils Li to Y

A continuation of essential oils from last week. 
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  1. LIME (CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA) - An uplifting, energizing oil with a sweet fragrance. Uplifts and restores vigour aiding recovery during convalescence.
  2. MANDARIN (CITRUS RETICULATA) - Fruity, tangy and citrus with a gentle cheering effect. Soothing effect upon the digestive system.
  3. MARJORAM (ORIGANUM MARJORANA) - A warm and spicy aroma with comforting tones. Eases loneliness and grief, and relaxes muscles after sports or work.
  4. NEROLI (CITRUS AURANTIUM) - A lingering bitter sweet aroma and is very relaxing and soothing. Brings feelings of peace serenity. Good for ageing, dry, or sensitive skin.
  5. PALMAROSA (CYMBOPOGON MARTINI) - Refreshing and uplifting. Gently soothing while promoting clear thought.
  6. PATCHOULI (POGOSTEMON CABLIN) - Deep earthy, sensual, grounding oil which uplifts the spirit whilst clearing the mind.
  7. PEPPERMINT (MENTHA ARVENSIS) - Stimulating and penetrating. Clears the head and soothes the emotions, eases the digestive system, and relieves tired feet.
  8. ROSE (ROSA DAMASCENA) - With a deep and luxurious floral aroma, this oil is both soothing and uplifting.
  9. ROSEMARY (ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS) - A powerful mental stimulant which aids memory and concentration, restores vitality and invigorates.
10. ROSEWOOD (ANIBA ROSAEODORA) - Grounding, balancing, reviving, stabilizing and comforting to the emotions. A great oil to steady the mind, and ideal for exams.
11. SANDALWOOD (SANTALUM ALBUM) - A relaxing and meditative oil with sensual properties, soothing and comforting to body and mind. Encourages feelings of well being.
12.  TEA TREE (MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA) - An effective oil with powerful antiseptic properties. It benefits the immune system, disinfects, deodorizes, and strengthens during the winter months and convalescence.
13. THYME (THYMUS VULGARIS) - A stimulating and protecting oil that has a strengthening effect on the the nerves.

A Bonus: 
YLANG YLANG (CANANGA ODORATA) - An exotic and sensual oil with relaxing qualities. Soothes and uplifts and has a regulating effect on excited and nervous conditions.


  1. Ooooh, I use peppermint oil all the time. Helps a whole bunch with asthma... you know like breathing itself. Peppermint oil and eucalyptus together work real well!

    I use Tea Tree oil a lot, too. For one thing it kills the bug-thing that makes chiggers.

  2. Oooh, peppermint and eucalyptus together for asthma help, that will come in very handy! How do you use it...vaporizor, candle?

    I know peppermint works well on stomach issues as well.