Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Back To Work...

An early morning view of the lake
And so the wandering vacationer has returned!

The week away from everything was refreshing, invigorating and exhausting.  It's funny how after a weeks vacation I feel like I could use another week to recoup...  ;) 

Anyone else get that feeling?

Thankfully, I'm a stay-at-home mom/writer and school has yet to start for my darling diva, so technically, I still have some time to kick back a little before the school year begins.

I got very little done on my writing this past week and about the same amount of reading.  I did however sit in the sun along the beautiful lake shore and enjoyed the peaceful and rhythmic sounds of nature.

It was just the break I was looking for!

Now I'm back and have lots to do and catch up on but that's cool, cause I'm ready to get back at it.   LOL, you should hear the cheers going on in my head...I guess my characters would agree!

Have a great week!


  1. Oh, that lake shot is just beautiful... I know when I had the opportunity to go on vacations, sometimes it did take recoup time... but, ya know, life shouldn't be an endless rush.

  2. Hey Savanna, thanks the lake was so beautiful and peaceful. It really restored a bit of my spirits, attitude to sit there and listen to the loons.

    I agree, a slow down would be wonderful. :)