Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleep! Come Back, Sleep...

So if I was with it at all today, I would have a great Tue temptation for you, but I'm not and I don't.  All I have is a longing for sleep. 
  • A full night without getting up to check on the darling diva who has been fighting off  a virus all weekend. 
  • A full night sleep without worrying about how high the fever is. 
  • A night where everything is normal and my sweet girl is hearty and hale.
I'm a worrier.  Especially since DD rarely gets sick.  When she does though she seems to do it large and I have the mommy fears.  But the Dr. and Grandma agree, we are doing everything we can to get her through this, but it feels like, well, not enough.

***psst, how do you know your tired?  Bullet point use gives you a mad thrill!  ;)


  1. Serena, Grapefruit Seed Extract is anti-viral. I use it all the time to stop colds and flus, or make them much shorter.

    *Nutribiotic* is a good brand. The 125 milligram capsules might be your best best. Or, if it's the tummy flu, the liquid under the tongue. Yeah, it's really bitter, but it will be absorbed into the system fast.

    For DD ~ try one capsule to make certain she's okay with it. I've never known of a problem, but it's always wise to test first. If she's fine... one capsule four times a day... with food is okay, if she's eating. However, use it TWO HOURS apart from any other kind of medication.

    Or, and, Colloidal Silver can stop the flu in its tracks.

  2. Oh Savanna, wonderful suggestions! Thanks. I'll have to see which of those items I can find around here to help DD heal. ((hugs))

  3. Serena, do you have a good local health food store? If so, call them and ask about those two products.

  4. That's the thing I would need to investigate. I've never been to an actual health food store, just the health food aisle in my local grocery store...I'm thinking, not the same thing. ;)

  5. Serena, it depends on the grocery store. The Hy Vee I shop at, sometimes, has a fairly good organic food section, including some good supplements.

    Whole Foods grocery is generally a good place, if you have one.

    However, you might do an internet search for the health food stores near you, or use the yellow pages. Call and ask if they carry the Nutribiotic line of products and if they carry Colloidal Silver.