Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Blog Trail

Welcome to the Holiday Hottie Blog Tour. I'm Holly, but you may call me Mistress, head elf-in-charge of the specialty division here at the North Pole. You should be coming to us from Trina M. Lee's blog.

When Serena called me to see if I would be interested in helping her with the blog tour and, of course,to check the status on her Christmas goody list, I thought, why not offer a tour of my dungeo...err, department for the tour.

So please, follow me. Stay together and no touching, unless of course you would like to be introduced to my fancy new flogger. Santa was very generous this year. heh heh.

Meet Max, the elf in charge of large ticket items and leather of all types. While Max is a quiet one, you'll be hard pressed to notice it amidst the moaning and begging. What's that? Any special talents, well he loves working with his hands. Where do you think Santa got the Cat-o-Nines...

Moving on....

Next up, let me introduce you to Riven. This elf has an talent for wrapping and ribboning. Every package is smooth, every corner is square, every line is tight. Each bow is plump and perfectly placed. His gifts are so tightly packed and well wrapped, many a lady can barely restrain herself when opening them.

Hmmm, let me guess, what are Riv's special talents? Ladies, he can tie one heck of a knot. ~sigh~

And we are walking...

Last, but certainly not least, Luc, the elf of enlightenment.

Luc is a jack of all trades. He takes out the garbage, strings lights on the trees, cooks a divine Tiramisu and loves to read. His favorite books come from Liquid Silver Books... All those sexy books are like chocolate melting on the tip of your tongue when he reads to you in the dark of the night. Yeah, Serena stops by to visit quite often.

Speaking of Serena, I wonder where she's gotten off too.

Oops, she appears to be busy... ;) Let's push on and I'll direct you to your next stop on this blog trail. Jolie Cain

Remember, leave a message on every blog along the way to win a prize. If you loose your way, fear not, there is a list of links at the bottom of this post to get you back on track and finally,

Thank you for joining us for this holiday blog fun and don't forget to drop in for the Holiday Hottie Chat

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  1. I like that...'Luc, elf of enlightenment' XD I think I need some enlightenment...oh and help with packaging...hey is Santa taking applications for New Elves? :D


  2. I tried to re-post your contest over here ( but... the tour guide, Holly-or-some-such-other, left me behind!!

    mischivusfairy-inbox12 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  3. Ohhhh, I need an elf like that!
    Starla Kaye

  4. I think we could all use some "enlightenment" from Luc!

  5. Don't blame Max, it wasn't his fault!

  6. I'll take the one under the tree please!

  7. Oh i have some presents that Riv can wrap.

  8. Thanks for the tour and especially for the pictures. =D I think I will share them with my girls.

  9. Lexie - Santa is indeed hiring. Apps taken in the form of showing the elves just how creative you're in luck, it's Luc's week in charge of the casting couch! ;)

    Cherry - I see one of my elves may have led you astray, hmmm. Max can do that to a girl. Thanks for posting our tour!

    Aliens - yep, tiramisu, Luc is a Master Baker and will be the best you've ever had! I promise. ;)

    Starla - Oh these elves make the bitter cold, North pole all nice and homey, I would encourage everyone to get one or two of their own. hehe

    Lisa G - Luc's enlightenment are the things midnight fantasies can only hope to be!! Whew... ;)

    Amy S - Was it the promise of knots or the carved abs that did it for you? Yum, right!

    Shawn - He'd wrap them so tight you'd be hoping Christmas would never come! ;)

    PhyllisC - Thanks for stopping by! I'm betting your girls are going to love the gift!

  10. Yep, I'm liking the tour. Just let me be a minute. I'm going to wait for Serena to, ah, finish. I'm next. No pushing. Get in line.

    ** snicker **

  11. oooh very very nice!

    Happy Holidays
    Anna Shah Hoque

  12. Roscoe - Baby, your up! Mrs. Claus has a wicked swing! ~Serena is still rubbing her tush~ ;)

    s7anna - Glad you could make it to the party!

  13. Would love to see Luc underneath my tree this year.

  14. ooohh loving the boy with the lights strung all about. ;)

  15. I want one of those under my tree Christmas morning!

  16. I'd like to find Luc tangled up in my lights.

  17. zina seawitch6464@yahoo.comDecember 11, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    I loved the 'enlightenment elf' the best. You know some of the lights aren't working on my tree.....

  18. Just discovered your blog via Trina M. Lee and am following now. Nice to meet you. :)

  19. I've always liked enlightenment...

  20. Oh my dreams are going to get so much BETTER! LOL

  21. Oh my, I have seem to have gotten leather and ribbon wrapped around my hands and can not get it off! Could you please send Luc to read to me? Oh and could you tell Max and Riven i need some umm assistance.

  22. Love the hat placement on Riven. He can come wrap my "gifts" anytime he wants.

  23. Cathy M - It is a lovely sight! ;)

    Kayla - Meet Luc, Luc this is Kayla. He has that look in his eye, Kayla!

    Jolie - Done! Big red bow and a stratigically placed tag is the one from me. ;)

    Boone - I hear Luc likes to be tangled up! Have fun

    Zina - Luc to the rescue! He loves cookies and milk. ;)

    Jean P - Thanks for stopping by!

    Jo Lynne - Hi, nice to meet you as well! Thanks for joining us for the fun!!

    Paula - ME TOO!!

    Foretta - purr, your welcome!

    Ms Ida! - A lady from my own heart! The boys are on their way with strict instructions not to leave until you are fully unwrapped! It may take hours, I'm sure. ;)

    Beth - Riven like to use lots of tape and ribbon in his wrapping and he knows just where to put them as well!! Have fun!

  24. Wow, this is all hot. I love it. New list of people to follow :)

  25. I could help Luc with the string of lights, getting them off him and back on the tree :)

    Judy (

  26. LOL!! I love your introductions to the crew, Serena! Very clever, and very much a fun way to wrap up my week!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  27. That was a fun tour "Holly". I really enjoyed meeting Max, Riven and Luc. I wouldn't mind having them stop by here to play for a while.


  28. hello Luc. Can I borrow him I need um * shuffling feet* lights hung yeah thats it


    And I wouldn't mind checking out Luc's enlightenment.

  30. Leona - Hi, thanks for joining us!

    Judy - Luc would be very appreciative. ;)

    flchen1 - Thanks, glad Holly helped your week!

    Sandie - Thank you, dear. The boys are on their way! ;)

    Jennifer - your on the list! Luc to the rescue!

  31. I would love to have Luc elf of enlightenment to help with my lights please.

  32. Serena... any man who can cook a divine tiramisu and looks like that... I'm coming... I'm coming!

  33. Luc can light me up any time!

    Tracey D

  34. I think Riven's was kind of funny with the Santa hat pointing straight out like that, lol!

  35. Oh these pics are the best! ANd I was cold from the wind chill here when I started, but not any longer!


  36. Hellloooo Awesome ladies! Great blog tour. Happy Holidays and fun post :)

    rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

  37. I'd like all of them but always willing to share!:o) although I think I will keep Max!

  38. Jayzee - The boots are sweet aren't they, the elves all like them as well! ;)

    Sherry - Luc is on the way, his tool at the ready!! rawr...

    Savanna - Those are the words Luc likes to hear, sugar! ;)

    Tracey - Luc is jumping at the chance to light you up!

    Terri - Lol It really should be going in the other direction! ;)

    Caffey - These gentlemen sure know how to warm a girl up! woot!!

    RachieG - Thanks for stopping by! so glad you enjoyed!

    Tamsyn - hehe, Max is a definite keeper!!

  39. The Harley Davidson guy has the come-hither thing going on. Could only be better if was Johnny Depp!

  40. I thought sure I commented here earlier. Oh well, I'm here now.

  41. Yvette - Oooh, Johnny Depp would be fine! ;)

    Sharon - Thanks for stopping by!!

    Andrea - How does Wednesday sound? hehe ;)

  42. Donnas - Happy Holidays to you as well. :)

  43. Love the tour.


  44. Thanks Gabriella! We had a wonderful time at the north pole... The elves were, erm, tempting and Holly was the hostess with the mostess! ;)

  45. I'm Buying a Harley if they'll include Him!