Monday, December 28, 2009

Back To Work...

Good Monday morning...

Down came the Christmas tree, the living room is back to normal and I am determined to get back to writing. Yes, I am one of those holiday folks that puts the tree up early in Dec and takes it down before the New Year. I find, however, that it works best that way for me.

So what am I up to? Well, first I am going to sit down and plot out my goals for 2010. I'll write them out twice and tuck one away in my 2010 journal so that I can refer to it periodically in the next year, but the other copy I will tear up on New Years eve and throw into the air at the strike of midnight... I will put my aspirations into the air in the hopes they are taken by the fates and given some consideration.

I am also working hard on getting back to work on my second jaguar shifter story. My characters have been quite patient with me, much more patient than I have been with myself, but then we are our own worst critics. :)

So in the spirit of getting back to it, Trent would like to share a snippet of himself from my current WIP...


The voice was back. Soft and sexy, it called to him, not with his name though, it called to who he was.
Alpha, find me—mate me.
Trent fought to brush away the nagging request and focus solely on the skill of this most willing female as she gulped and tugged at the cock he had buried deep in her throat. He’d have thought the words were coming from her had it not been for the fact that her mate was currently balls deep in her lovely smelling cunt driving into her with a frenzied pace Trent could only wish for on his best days.
Alpha, find me—mate me.
The words in his head came louder drilling into him the need to find their owner. Her desperation threw him off the slow pace he’d taken in fucking the beautiful mouth in front of him. His jerky movements in and out of the sinful mouth took the female from a lovely low hum to much choking and gasping around his arousal.
Trent envisioned a massive steel door slamming closed to keep the voice at bay. He needed to get himself back under control and make this sexual experience, everything the lady had dreamed it would be. He shortened up what was sliding into her mouth by placing a hand between her lips and his thickly furred pelvis then wrapping his fingers around the root of his cock. His other hand soothed her cheek as he whispered, “slowly, doll, slowly.” His calming murmur brought the female back into focus and gave him time to breath as well.


  1. Omygoodness, Trent... yes, focus, Big Cat Man... give the lady what she wants...

    I say a superstorm of sales and a superstorm of penning our stories!


  2. Hehe - So right you are, Savanna. A superstorm is most welcome in the coming year!!

    LOL - a focusing Trent is a very good thing!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well!