Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Muse...

Teva St. Martinel stopped for the umpteenth time to wipe her runny nose and command a halt to the tears freezing her cheeks.  She remembered back just a few hours before to her friends' incessant badgering. "Come snowshoing, Teva... you'll love it, Teva... we promise."  Well she didn't love it, she hated it and belabored the fact that she was lost and it was all their fault.

"Who takes a newbie this high up and ditches her?"  Her friends, obviously, Teva thought.  Middle of the winter, high up in the mountains and all she had with her was a couple of energy bars, a bit of water and her camera.  Wouldn't you know that the last picture she'd take was of this awe-inspiring view and it was doomed to freeze and crumble in the cold before her body was found.  Damn friends.

Teva wanted to kick and scream, cry big slobbery tears at the unfairness of dying young, but she was just to tired.  So she sat and allowed the snow and cold to numb her quickly. She wondered if the brain was the first or last thing to freeze and did it bring with it visions of the abominable snowman like the one coming her way...


  1. Omygoodness, an abominable snowman coming her way... an illusion or for real... lets hope Teva is about to be rescued.

  2. Oh, he's real, kinda. ;) I've had and abominable snowman story in my head for years, but it only ever comes out in spurts.

  3. The rigors of winter are helping to bring out of his cave, or wherever. ~smiles~

  4. Your words to my muses' ears! I would love to finally get this story out...even if it takes the rigors of wintertime. :)