Friday, February 15, 2013

Release Day for P.E. Cunningham

Woot!  Release day for a good friends first YA novel, Slayer for Hire.  I'm so excited for her!  Slayer is a wonderful story filled with action, good old paranormal awesomeness and the "yeah, you remember this" fangirl moments mixed in. 

~Here I'm going to date myself, but this story brought me back to my fangirl days for Duran Duran and my belief that Simon Le Bon would some day be mine.~

Head on over to Evernight Teen to pickup your copy now!  Buy Now


  1. Duran Duran? (points finger and laughs)

    Wait - I've got their RIO album in the closet. On vinyl.

    Please disregard pointing finger and laughter.

    And thanks for all the free plugs!

    1. Hehe...yep, I have it on vinyl, tape and CD. Oh shoot, I bet that ages me too!

      You're welcome for the plugs...I loved the story, I know others will too. :D

  2. I won't date myself, but let's say four mopheads were my intro to being a fan.

    Pat, big congrats, and Duran Duran levels of sales.