Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wicked Wednesday...

~Whew~ Do I need some of the heat above!  Warm water, sunshine and wicked kisses all good for beating back the below zero weather in my neck of the woods.  ;)

Word of the Day

word-hoard \WURD-hawrd\, noun:
A person's vocabulary.

~Hmm, do you have a large or small word-hoard?~


  1. Wow, I could use some this wicked-kissing heat, too!

    Oh man, am I word hoarder!!! I suppose that will turn into a disorder of some kind. ~sighs~

  2. Warm water beach, sun and kissing...heaven!

    Even if it does become a's one worth having! hehe

  3. The sun and kissing disorder strikes again! Remedy: more sun and kissing. ~please~