Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Muse...

She dreamed of him again, scales luminescent in the morning sun.  He hid behind a wide Cypress tree where only the tip of his tail and the bend of his wing showed.  They played as children might, taking turns hiding and seeking, well knowing that one of them could not possibly exist beyond the safe places in her mind.  He was her friend and she longed to be his love.  Such yearnings brought with it panic, a fear that she was as crazy as her mother had always claimed...


Morning all!  Wow, I didn't realize how long it'd been since I last posted a blog.  That's what happens when you climb into the editing cave I guess.  It's dark in there and time stops having a meaning, but if you're lucky you can kick ass on the mistakes! 

So did I get some 'good' editing done?  Heck yeah, I kicked that wip good!  The Submission, the second story in my Jaguar series that started with The Challenge, is almost ready to be submitted.  What a freaking relief !  :D 

Wish me luck that I can keep up with the editing and hey, may you all dream of dragons of your own!


  1. Oh, that's exciting! GOOD LUCK.

    I need to get stay in the editing cave longer.

    Oooh, nice dragon-y musing.

  2. Thanks Savanna! Yeah, I still have a bit of time left in the cave, but hopefully I'll see the light again soon. :)