Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Retro...

So my search for vintage/retro sexy this morning got me thinking...

When did cheesecake shots go from tantalizing to graphic?

1953 brought to us the first publication of Playboy, but really, while the pictures were of real naked women(shocking at the time, I'm sure) rather than nearly naked drawn pictures of women...they weren't graphic like those found in today's mags.

I find that I have to stop here and clarify that my question is in no way accusatory.  I'm an adult and have been for more years then I'd like to count...I'm also a fan of age appropriate sex.  I can see the interest and pleasure of magazines and movies, hell, I've previewed many in my time.  Consensual sex in all its forms is fabulous, imho! 

My question is more fact finding than right or wrong spouting.  I really would like to know when things went from tantalizing to graphic?  Was it the 60's when we were so focused on freedoms?  The 70's when women grabbed women's rights by the horns and ran with it?  Or is it just a build up over time?  Have we become desensitized to the art of the tease...

A Day in the Life of Serena 
Song of the Day(Reach Up For The) Sunrise by Duran Duran.  Sigh ~ I loved this band as a teenager, heck, I truly thought if I could meet Simon Le Bon, he would fall deeply in love with me...let me again say I was a hormonal teenager at the time.  LOL  Anyway, they continue to make awesome music...I just downloaded the mp3 for Sunrise and I'm loving it!

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  1. Good question about graphic versus the tease. I remember seeing the movie, The Stripper, about Gypsy Rose Lee, played by the actress, Natalie Wood. Gypsy Rose Lee was all about the tease and art of stripping.

    Just my personal opinion, I think there should be all shades, from the art of the tease to artfully graphic... however, due to many dynamics including human nature, the un-art graphic has taken over to a large degree.

    'One reason' is because the dark-side global controllers want the degradation and destruction of society, and have set up the current over-graphic culture on purpose. Real art to them is like holy water to a bad vampire. Because THEY can't stand the sight of real beauty as created by human beings. This includes the art of sex and sensuality.

    Yeah, sounds crazy. However, if you do any research and in depth personal analysis of society, it's easy to see the trend.

  2. The tease and the art of stripping...nice, that's perfect, it leaves you wanting more which I always believed was the point. ;)

    Yeah, there are always those dark souls out there who can not see the beauty of art in all it's forms...I feel bad for their loss.