Monday, February 20, 2012

Cold Nose & Sweet Nuzzles

How do you like this for a good morning, I love you my fur-less mommy wake-up!  Hehe  This is Russet, one of my furry buds showing me love this AM.  He knows I'm a little on the loony side and accepts me anyway.  ~wink~

This morning was especially crazy.  Mainly 'cause I didn't sleep well last night and unfortunately it was not due to some wild, must write urge.  Nope, I was a sleepless wonder because my Darling Diva spent the night in a different state! 

Confirmation retreat...I thought I'd have more time to prepare myself for her being this far away from home.  Okay, technically, she's only about a hour away...but she did cross the border so it feels like she's a million miles from me!  LOL, yes I'm being a total mom about this, but now I need to try to get some work done, right...take my mind off her not being here.

Wish me luck! 

A Day in the Life of Serena

Song of the Day:  Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down  
Currently Reading:  The Guy Next Door by Lori Fostor, Susan Donovan & Victoria Dahl
Currently Writing:  A Talbot's Peak short story (Hawke & Ally) & ideas for a new Talbot's Peak story  Editing:  The Submission 
Quote of the Day:   My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness.

- André Breton



  1. Yes, that is such a good mommy-thing. I trust all is well...

    Long, long ago, one of our pups was named Russet... although, there isn't much resemblance. But, yeah, that's doggie love... who can resist?

    1. All is well, Savanna, thanks for asking. :) Darling Diva had fun, but she slipped on the ice and hurt her bum. She'll always remember her first way trip...hehe

  2. Slipped on her bum... best place to hit usually... in college there was a set of old wooden steps down from the parking lot... I didn't see the ice... stepped on the first step... everything went flying and I went down those ten or so steps on my bum. I bet it was hilarious to anyone watching... ~smiles~

  3. oooch, that sounds painful! But sometimes all you can do is laugh. It's that or cry. I once did that in my own hallway. No stairs and I didn't quite make it to my bum, but I did indeed try - more padding! LOL