Monday, July 11, 2011

You Just Never Know...

This was nearly my reality this weekend.  Something as simple as rearranging the furniture left me with a crashed computer and an emotional waterfall of yuckiness. 

The hubby and I decided it would be nice to try the living room with a different set-up, you know breathe some change into the same old and I have to say, I love the new layout.  We made more room and removed some of the clutter.  It rocks!

Unfortunately, there's always a victim - a broken vase, a dinged up chair or even blown light bulbs.  How I wish it had been the light bulbs....

But alas, for some inexplicable reason, my computer decided that yesterday would be a fine day to crash.  Gone are the music files, gone are the links I use readily in my research, gone are some of the ideas I had yet to save to my external hard drive, but saddest of all, gone are all of the pictures I'd been saving of my Darling Diva.  ~hanging my head low~

There is a silver lining though.  See, I still have my Darling Diva and a camera just waiting to be filled, I'm wiser now and will become the back-up queen, I did back-up most of my story ideas and the computer was at least recoverable back to its factory settings. 

So I start again.  :)

Have a lovely week, everyone!  And don't forget to back-up those files!


  1. That's awful. And I am the worst for backing up stuff!! I'll have to do better. Sorry you've had such trouble!

  2. Oh no! The loss of your pics, and some story ideas... yuck!

    I think I might be the queen of backup... well, sometimes I slack off a bit... but potential disaster keeps me backing up no matter what.
    You just can't trust these durn things.

  3. Yep Savanna, it is definitely yuck! I must get better about backing up...I so don't want to go through this again. :)