Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - Wood

“The graceful pine provides a straight line,
The mighty oak, so fine to stroke.
Cedar, cedar your storage abilities make you a leader,
Hickory, dickory, dock you make a lovely grandfather clock.
Cherry, cherry the color of berries,
Mesquite so neat, your smell is oh so sweet.”

And so it went as the pony-tailed girl skipped along through her grandfather’s shop, singing her song to the wood that called to her so loudly.  Each board spoke to her of what it should be—a jewelry box, a clock, a window frame or a sturdy door ready to protect.

One day, Kaily Rose would be old enough to shape the timber into its true form.  Her wings would be large enough to deliver the gifts to their rightful owners, just as Pappy did.  Until then, she would sing her songs of growth; of love, to the wood.  She would prepare it for her hand and wait for Pappy to give her, her first tool.  


  1. This has a wonderful fairy tale feel - with a little sprinkling of dark magic..fantastic..Jae

  2. It does have a wonderful fairytale feel, and simply carefree... yet, with that dark moment waiting.

  3. Thanks Jae. I was very surprised by the dark fairy tale story that came from they sing-songy rhymes in my dreams last night, but is sure seemed to work. :)

  4. Thanks Savanna! Kaily Rose, the little lovely was hiding behind the drapery in the green room. She was whispering her little girl dreams to me last night, but has gone back into hiding. I suspect that she needs to age some more before I can tell her story. ;)

  5. Yes, I'm sure she does... in the meanwhile, I know your green room must be expanding or is getting mighty crowded. ~smiles~

  6. Beautiful characterization. I can see and smell all that lovely wood.

  7. Haunting in a way, with a sense of waiting...anticipation. Lovely.

  8. I love the different colours, smell and feel of wood. Your poem brought them all back to me. Great work.