Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - Standing Ovation

The lights dimmed and my body went pliant,
As the whole house around me fell silent.
Anticipation filled the air as she started to pace,
Tall, lithe and the epitome of grace.

She was ethereal; soft like the wind.
Dressed in fabric as delicate as flutter-by wings,
Her feet were shod
In slipper-like things.

Soft steps,
Taken on the tips of her toes.
Her eyes distant,
Where she is, nobody knows.

She sits upon the polished bench,
Her hands raised some six inches high.
No music to distract her,
And I wonder why?

The pianoforte is large and softly shaped,
The keys pure ivory; peddles golden-plate.
Its tone so perfect, yet utterly forlorn,
I had to wonder at her future fate.

So magical was the melody,
I lost track of time.
Had she played for minutes or months,
The thought of her stopping was surely a crime.

Fingers flew,
Intensity grew
And suddenly I found
My feet on the ground.

 I stood with the others,
Hands flying to and fro.
My heart grew larger; my smile so wide,
Her music brought me alive inside.

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  1. A very nice crescendo that leaves us all standing on our feet in applause. Fantastic write, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. That was beautiful, Serena. It was as if I was attending too.

  3. You describe that feeling well when at a concert the music takes hold of and you are its captive. Beautifully put.

  4. Thanks Savanna! You are always welcome to attend. There's a private balcony with your name on it...perhaps there are some gentlemen Hellhounds who would like to accompany you...I seem to remember a pair of cowboys...or salsa dancers from Miami?? ;)

  5. Oh Serena, my own private box with my own hellhound cowboys or hellhound salsa dancers... definitely an erotic romance dream come true...

  6. Beautiful poem Yes music can make you feel very much alive

  7. Thank you, Marja! It sure can make you feel alive and filled with so much emotion. :)