Monday, June 13, 2011

Promo - Yikes!

I've been busy of late working on promo for my upcoming release A Magical Return.  I never realized how hard the marketing/promo part of being an author was, due in large part, I know, because I've never been very good at tooting my own horn.  ~wink~ 

During my time searching out where I want to market myself and my stories, I've come across a few sites that I'd not partaken of, but are proving to be quite interesting.

First is  It's a bit like Myspace, Facebook and a forum all put together as one.  I love the ability it gives you to interact with other authors in groups relating to writing.  Come on over and give it a look-see.

My other foray into promo options was to set up an author page over at Amazon.  Some authors swear by it, others not so much(at least from what I've read).  But I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Stop by and say hi, let me know what you think of my stories or just check it out.  :)  Serena Shay Author Central

Wish me luck in finding good spots to show off my story!


  1. I'm on Author's, too. Not really sure what to do there. lol! Good luck with your new book.

  2. Thanks Bree!

    A couple of things I found on Author's - I can post my book cover and a blurb on my wall thingy, but also I was able to post my Book release day as an event...might be worth a try for you too. :)

    I also like reading through some of the group posts. Especially on the promo/marketing group. :)

  3. I was trying to find a way to start a group but couldn't. It would be nice to have a romance or an erotic romance group.

  4. That would be an excellent group to have on the site, Bree...

    The only place I found to do that was under's page for suggestions and feedback at this link

    I would absolutely join that group! :)

  5. That would be a good group. Kayelle Allen, erotic romance author, has an excellent promo/marketing yahoo group. I just can't keep up with it all. However, she and the other authors are excellent.

    I should update, or look at whatever my page is on Amazon, and check out yours, Serena.

  6. I agree, Savanna, Kayelle has a great promo/marketing group, but I too have a hard time keeping up with all the posts. :)