Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Day

Chortle \CHOR-tl\, transitive and intransitive verb:

1. To utter, or express with, a snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle.


1. A snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle.

~Oh heaven's above, I chortle!  Yes, when I laugh really hard or out of control-like, I snort. *blushes to the tips of her ears*  I always have and I guess always will, but I must say I do like it described as Chortling better than snorting.  *wink*~


  1. Oh, I'm a chortler, too!

    I'm pretty sure I've used that word in Kandy, as a way to describe Zin and Zol's laughter.

  2. Yay! I in good chortler company. ;)