Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ Commonly Misspelled Words

I have to say, this Thursday Thirteen is close to my own heart.  I'm a terrible speller.  So when I looked up commonly misspelled words for my list, well, I found out how "common" I am!  LOL  Thank goodness for spell checker and my handy dandy dictionary/thesaurus.  ;)

 1.  Accidentally
 2.  Awful
 3.  Basically
 4.  Believe
 5.  Category
 6.  Chief
 7.  Fundamental
 8.  Guarantee
 9.  Separate
10. Heroes
11. Knowledge
12. Neighbor
13. Particularly


  1. separate always gets me...probably something Freudian in there

  2. LOL...I hear ya, Nara. Separate use to get me everytime until I learned this little diddy...

    Sep, a rat, with a curl-e tail. I still find myself saying it if I use that word...hehe

  3. I would have thought the variations of there, they're and their would be on the list...

    Yeah, separate gets me, too. I always want to use an 'e' instead of the first 'a'.

    Good diddy... maybe that will work in my brain...

  4. Oh yeah, Savanna, their should definitely(another one)be on the list. In fact, considering how monster large the list was that I found, it probably was. ;) It really should be on my personal list as I still find myself typing "thier" lol

    On the up side, I'm usually consistant in my wrongness...hehe

  5. 'consistant in my wrongness'... yep, me too... sometimes, I eventually get it and turn the right spelling into a habit... but there are always those brain glitches.