Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

So it occurs to me that it's Tue and its been quite a little while since I posted a temptation. Bad Serena! Clearly, I need to work on my blogging skills. :)

What to post though? There are sooo many things out there that tempt me, call to me, beg to be shown.

Okay, here goes, a little list of some of the things that tempt me...

*Long hours to spend wandering aimlessly though a bookstore and/or library.
*Music - classical, Rock & Roll, easy listening, Disco(yep, I said it. There are indeed a few disco songs that I adore.)
*Chocolate - need I say more here. ;)
*Paranormal books, movies, TV shows - the stranger the better!
*Eyes - filled with so much emotion and all different.
*Shoulders - sturdy and strong affording the loves of his life protection.
*Puppy love - literally. When my pups look at me full of love, I cave. Doggie treats all around and lots of baby talk. :0

That's just a few of the things that tempt this lady. What about ya'll, what tempts you?


  1. Serena, ain't that the truth...

    What tempts me... a whole lot!!!

    The loving eyes of my doggies, are one of the best temptations. Though, they don't always get treats, just lots of kisses and woggling hugs.

  2. LOL...yep, lots of kisses and hugs along with the treats. I'm an easy target. :)