Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Gray Area?

I came across an interesting article today titled, Confessions of a Book Pirate.

I couldn't decide if I should post the link on my blog, not because it was a bad article, but because I always feel like putting out there is patting the wrong-doing pirate on the back and giving them a job well done feeling.

No thumbs up here Mr. Pirate, stealing is stealing, but I will applaud the work the author of the article did and post the link.


  1. Serena, I scanned the article.

    There's one point I rather agree with, when it's a faceless big corporation, people aren't likely to care as much...
    Course, what they don't understand is in the small print/e-pub biz, they're stealing from us individual author/artists.

    I don't think a lot of folks understand that's like stealing from a mom and pop business.

  2. Very true, Savanna. I was also surprised by some of the comments. One commenter stated that they were copying, not stealing. :0 Really?

  3. Hmmm... I didn't look at the comments... okay, isn't that like copying a painting and selling it as the real thing?
    That's illegal.

  4. Yep, just like that Savanna...illegal is illegal. :)