Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Trick Or Treat Tour Is Coming Soon...

Muahahaha the blog tour is right around the corner everyone. Oct 30th is coming up quick and with it the chance to win free books on the trick or treat trail. Below is a list of each authors blog along the way. At 12:01 am hop on over to the first blog on the list, spy some delicious eye candy, drop a line then move on to the next. Do this all the way down the trail and you will be entered into the drawing at the end...its that simple.

Now I'm off to find my eye candy and put together something fun!

The Trick or Treat Trail...

Gem Sivad - http://gemsivad.wordpress.com/blog/
Trina M Lee- http://www.trinamlee.com/
Emily/Elise - http://www.scorchedsheets.com/blog
Juniper Bell - http://www.authorjuniperbell.blogspot.com
Morgan Q O'Reilly - http://themorgandiaries.blogspot.com
Christa Paige - http://www.christapaige.com/blog/
Celia Kyle - http://www.celiakyle.com/blog/
Olivia Brynn - http://oliviabrynn.com/blog-2/
Stephanie Adkins - http://stephanieadkins.wordpress.com/blog/
Paige Tyler - http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/
Sara Brookes - http://www.sarabrookes.net/
Jolie Cain - http://joliecainauthor.blogspot.com/
Jessica - http://culinarycarnivale.blogspot.com/
Jeanne St James- http://www.jeannestjames.blogspot.com/
Alanna Coca- http://alannacoca.wordpress.com/blog/
Serena Shay - http://serenashay.blogspot.com/
Mari Carr - http://www.maricarr.com
P.G. Forte- http://www.rhymeswithforeplay.blogspot.com
Cat Kane - http://catkane.blogspot.com/
Ella Drake - http://elladrake.blogspot.com
Tielle St. Clare - http://tiellestclare.blogspot.com/
Tina Holland - http://tinaholland.wordpress.com/


  1. SUPER EXCITED about the upcoming events!!!

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  2. Wow, I'm super excited too! What a hot Halloween lineup!

  3. Hey s7anna,
    I can't wait to see you there, Have fun and good luck!!

  4. Hey Savanna,
    Oooh it is a hot line-up indeed!! The sheer numbers of eye candy possibilities make this girls heart a flutter!! ;)

  5. Hi Jolie,
    Oh heck yeah it's going to be a blast!! I'm going to have to find my Little Red Ridinghood costume with my basket of treats to help all the lovely studs on the trail conserve their energy!! Oh my!