Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Trick Or Treat Blog Tour

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to read? Welcome to the Trick or Treat blog tour! The only candy you'll find on this spooky trail is of the eye variety and we promise you'll have so much before the day it over, your eyes will be bulging! You should be coming from Alanna Coca's Blog. Don't forget to leave a comment on every blog to qualify to win some of the awesome goodies at the end!

Now I have to say that deep down I'm just a silly kid who loves funny lists and corny jokes, yeah kinda sad huh, but there ya have it, Serena in a nutshell...LOL. So, when I saw this list I knew it would be perfect for this tour.

Have fun!!


12. If you don't like the look of what you unwrap, you don't have to eat it.

11. Forty years from now you'll still enjoy candy.

10. Guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack.

9. If you get tired, wait 10 minutes and go at it again.

8. The uglier you look, the easier it is to get some.

7. You don't have to compliment the person who gave you candy.

6. It's O.K. when the person you're with fantasizes you're someone else, because you are.

5. If you get a stomach ache, it won't last 9 months.

4. If you wear your Batman mask, no one thinks you're kinky.

3. Doesn't matter if kids hear you moaning and groaning.

2. Less guilt the next morning.


LOL...Next door? Not if that guy was handing out candy! Whew...

Your next stop on this blog hop path is Mari Carr - Have fun! If you need a reminder of our trail take a look below. :)

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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  1. Loved your freakin' true!!! Let's not forget the delicious man candy that you so kindly granted us to look at...*sigh* he's bootiful :P

  2. Yeah! I would go if that lived next door. GEE

  3. LMAO! That was just great! I need a batman mask!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. LOL! There are some definite advantages eating candy instead of having sex, however, I don't think any of us would willingly trade any of those hunks for candy. Right?

  5. s7anna - Thanks! And yes, he is bootiful! Love that word...hehe

    Geewiz - Yep, I wonder how long after Halloween I could get away with trick or treating at his house! Whew...

    SusiSunshine - hehe a batman mask would be fun, just think of how surprised our partners would be...I'm here, honey, want a little bat action!! LOL

    Nina - candy in one hand, hot sexy guys wanting sex in the other...yeah, no contest there! Wait, maybe the sexy's will bring some candy with them!! hehehe

  6. Oh, this tour is killing me! Giggling at my desk is really getting me strange looks! lol!

  7. LOL! I love the list and am particularly familiar with number five. You know, the whole stomach hurting one? Life. I love it. Here's a thought, can't I just be some freaky woman who pulls that guy in if he's trick or treating? Is that illegal?

  8. Yummy treats. I like the last one especially. I'll take two, please.

  9. If the second guy lived next door to me I'd never get anything done because I'd be watching his place all the time for a look at him. Oops I think that might be considered stalking.

  10. Noelle - hehe, I remember those days! I alway did have a hard time answering the "what's so funny over there?" question that came flying over the walls of my cube!

    Dawn - What?? It's considered freaky to pull the sexy guys in for my own Halloween fun? Dang! Change of plans... ;)

    Elise - Oh I'm with you my dear, double that please, double the fun...can you imagine him as a twin? Whew!!

    Sherry - Oh he is stalk worthy all right, just think of yard work shirt and shorts. Aaahh

  11. You know, I have a Batman mask... and a cape to go with it. lol

  12. Your list is a hoot! Just my kind of thinking. And I know the guy in chains is just waiting for me. Nnnnnniiiiiiccccceeeee!!!!!!

  13. I love the list but I'd rather have the hot guy...

  14. Yes, he can give me candy any day of the week. And, ah, you know I'm interviewing ranch hands.

    He might fit right in the bunk house. How about it? Want to send him over for some STUD POKER!!

    gem sivad

  15. Oh no, Serena. DO NOT change your plans... My definition of freaky is not entirely a bad thing, it is a very good thing. Trust me. Maybe I worded the previous blog wrong, but I didn't think anyone would appreciate the amount of bleeps that would have to be inserted. you know, the stuff i'd do to him? ;)

  16. Your post is 100% correct!


  17. Oh, I loved your post!! Why can't I have next door neighbor's like those!!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  18. I love "the uglier you looke, the easier it is to get some." If only that held true in all aspects of life. My skirt would be flipped up over my head 24/7.

  19. Love the pictures. Angelina is, of course gorgeous, but those men...mercy me, I am having hot flashes! Loved your list.

  20. Paula - You're all set it sounds like for a most memorable Halloween!! Have fun! ;)

    Thanks Jolie!

    PattyR - Great minds! Yes, Mr. Chains is all ready for some fun! I hear he likes a firm hand...

    DebbieD - Oh I hear that, the guys are delish!

    Gem - Heck yeah he can come over for some Stud poker, but only if I get to come too...;) I've seen the cowboys in your bunk house and I wanna play!!

    Dawn - Oh thank goodness!!! Cause I was feeling a lot freaky todsy! woot!!

    Fallon - Thank you my dear!

    Judy - No kidding!! I know I'd bring over a welcome to the neighborhood treat, a can of whip cream and a paddle! Now that could be fun. ;)

    Boone - How awesome would that be, right! I mean guys like this, a flipped up skirt and all the time in the world... Oh my!

  21. Patsy - Thanks, the pictures were soo much fun to find I could spend hours looking at all the fine men and women out there! and yes indeed, Angelina is incredible! :)

  22. Love your list. Favorite was #1.

  23. Hmmmm - I let these reasons go - but only for today.

    The eye candy won't settle down on your hips ...

  24. Chocolate always makes things better. Chocolate sauce however has lots of uses.

  25. I love the eye candy attached to your very funny list which has a lot of truth in it.

  26. CathyM - I agree, number 1 is a very good one! ;)

    UteH - Not unless you ask him very sweetly, then who knows what he might do around the old hip area...hehehe

    lindseye - Oh yeah, chocolate sauce and the right eye candy makes Serena a very happy camper!

    LottieP - Thanks! Doesn't it though. ;)

  27. What? A pic of Angelina Jolie, but not one of Brad???

  28. Woweeeeeeee...I wish he was handing out something at my house!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  29. Oh look...he's already chained up and waiting. *g*

  30. Great post and I loved the first picture!!

  31. Krysia - sorry, no Brad this time, just sexy Angelina. Maybe Brad will make an apperence next time. ;)

    Kim S - If I could find his house, I'd hit it over and over again!! hehe

    Sara - Why yes he is, just think of all the fun!!

    Lily - Thanks!

  32. Oh, I would so NOT be closing the door on him!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  33. So funny, and true! And such nice eye candy!

  34. LOL! I think I'm enjoying these eye-candy treats! And they're calorie free ;) Thanks!


  35. I love your post. It was funny and entertaining. Yes, I wouldnt mind getting some treat from that hottie.

  36. Bella - Nope, I'd open anything he wanted!! LOL Happy Halloween to you as well!

    Amy M - Thanks! The eye candy made me very happy, indeed!

    Fedora - Calorie free is right! Heck I bet they are considered a good workout!!

    Sue - Thanks! Yep, he could fill my bag any day! ;)

  37. Serena, luved the Halloween chuckles... yep, that last man... well, I wish he was handing out candy next door.

  38. I like the reasons. Loved the post. and the pics too.

  39. Great post! Love the candy!

  40. The 9 month stomach ache made me laugh!

    Lovely eyecandy and a fun list to enjoy!


  41. there isn't any thing next door.
    but this eye candy is great

  42. the candy here don't make you fat

  43. I wish I had neighbors like that ...I'd go knocking for sugar all the time :D

  44. Can I take him next door? I'm pretty sure we would get more candy that way.

  45. Savanna - With him next door that would make for a very Happy Halloween!! ;) Say, could he pass for a certain Hellhound?? ;)

    Debby - Thanks for stopping by!

    Jewelstir - Thanks! Have a lovely Halloween!

    Amy S - and a happy halloween to you as well!

    Christa - hehe, the stomachache was totally cute too...I even found some pics to go with it, but opted for the yummy's you see instead. :)

    Pat - Great candy and no fat, who could ask for more!!

    jayzee - me too, j, meeee tooo!!

    sweet - feel free, but try not to wear him out to much, I have plans for that candy!! ;)

  46. With neighbors like that who needs candy? Happy Halloween!!!

  47. Serena... lol, no, not quite... Zol and Zin are more streamlined in appearance.

  48. too funny and id go nxt door if the guy was hot enough. Happy Halloween

    Beverly G

  49. Lol, loved the post.
    I'll love candy forever.
    Carol L.

  50. Loved it