Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Blog Tour

Hi there naughty boys and girls you should have come from


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Save A Tree! It's good for mother earth...


Happy Earth Day!

There are so many awesome ways to take care of our Earth these days, from recycling to Hybrid cars. My favorite though is still to plant a tree, with help from a friend, of course.


So many of my story ideas have come from time spent staring out into the forest behind the house, day-dreaming about hero's and heroines. What would I do without my beautiful trees?


So in honor of Earth Day and this very cool blog tour, I'm giving away a cute little USB flash drive complete with handle and charm. ~my own attempt to save a tree~ The perfect size for our grand prize winner to carry with them their favorite earth friendly E books!

earth day blog giveaway

So remember if you happen across a lumberjack ready to take down some of natures beauty,

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Offer him something different to fell.....

LOL...yep these are my ~dream~ lumberjacks!!

So tell me, what's your favorite Earth saving trick?

Have a great Earth Day and fun with the rest of this blog tour. The Next Address is.


  1. Loved your post. I enjoyed the pictures. The one thing that I recycle the most is plastic bags. Seems like that is all the stores give you anymore.

  2. I also am enjoying the eye candy. I take my own bags when I shop most of the time. Already recycle and compost and have found some great rechargeable batteries to use in flashlights and remotes.

  3. Good morning Serena,
    I love the photos and the eye candy, I am a tree hugger myself. I have my car washed by a friend who owns a mobile detailing business. Have a good day. :)

  4. My favorite earth sving trick is reading e-books. I have a kindle and have about 65 books on it. That's just withing the last 9 months so think of the trees we all could save if we read more e-books.
    (I also like showering with my hubby to save water)

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone! What excellet recycling ideas so far!

    Becky - lol, I have bags falling out of my under the sink cabinet. Cool thing is, now there are lots of places to recycle them!

    Lindseye - I love rechargeable batteries, there great when you tend to go through them a lot;-)

    Ann Marie - woot, aren't trees wonderful! Oh my, might this friend wash and detail cars in his ragged, washed out, holes in strategic places jeans and tight molded to the rolling six T-shirt? Yum, red rover, red rover, send him right over! ;-)

    Debbie D - Yay, Ebooks!! Kindles or any handheld ebook devices are wonderful things! Books at your fingertips ~sigh~ makes a girl, happy, happy, happy! Of course so does showering with the hubby...nice water saving action, Debbie!

  6. Love the pictures. I try and recycle everything I can.
    I am trying to convince my husband we need to plant some trees around the house this spring!

  7. I live next to where I was born, with a swamp behind us. We keep the woods as close to nature as possible. Whenever I must move a tree I plant it in the woods and recycle. The woods keep us cool in the summer, we share this earth. I'm so blessed to be able to simply walk back in time whenever I go outside.
    debbie Tsikuris

  8. Great pics! One of my contribution to saving a tree would be showering together with hubby! A great exercise! *grin*

  9. "Offer him something different to fell" hehahaah very good! If I ever meet a lumberjack that looks like that, I'll be sure to give him some options...

  10. JeanP - ooh tree planting this summer, fun!! One of my favorite things about planting trees is picking them out. So many trees, so hard to choose. My favorites, Birch and Pine. Have fun! :)

    Debbie T - Awesome way of recycling your trees! You are very blessed to be so close to such beauty! Have a great earth day!

    Tamsyn - Saving water, trees and ~erhm~ the best exercise ;-), great multi-tasking!

    Alanna - Right? Fell this baby, would be my motto!! hehe

  11. Love your dream lumberjacks. I am a huge ebook reader, and can't believe just how much room I've got now that I read less paperbacks. When I do grab a paperback, I always donate it to my local library.

  12. Wondering if one of your Lumberjack's and I were to fall down together in the forest, would anyone here???
    I but ton's of E-books, Got to save the trees, and I tend to go behind everyone in my house turning of lights. I hope that helps the earth in some small way.

  13. Good stuff Serena. Now you can leave Royce alone *wink* and lure Tanner into that shower with you.

    You suppose they have showers on Earth II?

  14. Cathy M - Aren't those lovely lumberjacks ~sigh~ I agree, Ebooks are wonderful! You can save so many in such a small spot on the computer or a flash drive. :-) Library donations..cool way to recycle!!

    Babyblue22 - LOL...I love it, I'm thinking the answer is, just how vocal are you?? muaahahahTurning the lights off is an excellent way to save energy! WTG

    Gem - I'm thinking you're going to be keeping Royce much to busy quite soon here as Zeke is charging back to Sylva's side! They better have showers! I must see a wet and wild Tanner!! ;-)

  15. Great pictures! I'm about to start hyperventilating with all this eye candy. LOL! Happy Earth Day! *hugs*

  16. Great pics. I love the "Offer him something different to fell". That's classic!

    Happy Earth Day.

  17. Offer him something else to fell... gee, maybe I'll get between him and that next tree while wearing nothing but my birthday suit...

    I love trees. We have some gorgeous trees around the house. And some of peach seeds are coming up as baby trees.

  18. A wet and wild Tanner... to answer yer questions about Earth II ~ yep, showers indoors, outdoors, grotto waterfalls... barn showers to remove that sticky hay...

  19. Stephaine - Breath, breath - wait, not breathing would get you the kiss of life and there is plenty of eye candy on this tour with whom to lock lips! woot! Happy Earth Day! ;-)

    BecK - Thanks for stopping by! hehe, I'd be "felling" all over the place. ;-)

    Savanna - That would do it! Heck, I bet you'd take them both home. Kittens at your Kougar paws!!
    Ooh peach trees, that would be soo yummy!
    A waterfall grotto and hay, I have a stunning picture of Tanner going on right now! I may have to wander down to the barn here very, very soon!!!

  20. Wow Earth day has never been so sexy. ;) Great blog and what a great way for people to pay attention. So many of us don't think to recycle (although I have to say that my step-dad is recycle happy so we try to be on top of it best we can - for the environment and so we don't get that you know better lecture.)

  21. With lumberjacks like that I would be falling for sure.LOL I recycle almost everything possible. I also recycle cloths and household items that we no longer need on freecycle.com. That way it helps the earth and other people as well.

  22. Trenae - LOL, "the lecture." I remember hearing "TL" many a time as well. ;-) Oh yeah, LSB authors know how to make Earth Day sexy! hehe

    Deb - hehe, falling for sure! Nice job on the recycling and thanks for the freecycle web address...that's a cool site!

  23. I wish I could say I'm great at doing my part to save the earth ...but I know I fall short. I'd like to think though that the fact that I do recycle whatever I can helps a little.

  24. Hey Jayzee,
    Thanks for stopping by! You're right, every little bit helps! Happy Earth Day :-)