Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who did kill Kennedy? You Tube?

No, of course You Tube didn't kill Kennedy, maybe, but how much better would my research project have been if I'd had access to it 20+ years ago.

I just finished watching Cold Case, I'm a recent inductee to the show, and tonight's episode included shots of the Kennedy assassination. Those black and white pictures and videos never fail to bring me back to my days in high school. Nope not a child of the sixties, but as my mom used to say, I was a hippie born too late.

But I digress...

Why then Kennedy and my years in high school? ~Freshman year research paper~

Guess what I did my report on? LOL, yep the conspiracy surrounding the death of our 35th president. I was enthralled with who really shot Kennedy. I read the books. Watched the videos. Scoured the pictures, many of which were gruesome in their detail. I wanted to know, needed to know, was it really Oswald or some mystery shooter? I was in conspiracy overload!

Needless to say I never learned the truth. ;-)

My report, full of conjecture and gruesome photos, only garnered me a sad little B-, I don't think the teacher appreciated the subject much, of course I was touting the Oswald was a patsy theory and this was a Texas high school...ooh maybe she knew the truth! haha

Anyway, I wonder, with easy access to You Tube and the plethora of video of that day, the motorcade, the grassy knoll and the TX School Book Depository, would I have gotten a higher grade on my report? Who knows, but it would have been one cool report.

Well, enough of my rambling tonight, it's funny how something as simple as a TV show can spark the old memory. And bring on new ones... I'm thinking, a time-travel book? One where I could answer my own questions, any way I want!!

Have a great week!


  1. Serena, fascinating. Have you ever read Jim Marrs' book on the Kennedy assassination. IMHO, he's one of the best.
    Also, I use the progeny of Kennedy and the conspiracy in my 2051 futuristic ~ MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY..
    if I ever get to complete the second book in the Trilogy, I go into deeper detail, one of which will be the fact that every suspicious death in the Kennedy family occurred at the sixteenth sidereal hour...
    oh, I feature a newly found diary (fiction) by Jackie Kennedy written during her days in the white house... now that page I wrote as Jackie writing her thoughts was interesting... because I didn't know what I was even going to write... it was done intuitively...

  2. Ooh, very cool Savanna! I'm going to have to pick up MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY! I love reading ideas based on the Kennedy Conspiracy. I've always been enthralled with knowing the truth...

    A never before read diary page from Jackie? Man I hope you finish the second book!!

    I've not read Marrs' Crossfire yet, but I may need to hit the library soon! :-)

  3. Serena, just a follow up, in case I didn't make myself clear that Jackie's newly discovered diary is just a fictional creation of mine, not an actual diary. The diary plays a crucial role in Murder by Hair Spray's suspense plotline.

  4. bad, I got what you were saying, sadly what was in my head got jumbled before it escaped my fingers! hehehehe

    I really shouldn't blog late at night, but seriously, when did 10pm become late?? LOL