Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Almost...July?!

Wow! June's about to give way to July and I've been slow to the writing I'd promised myself this summer.  Not a surprise, I suppose.  I'm a stay-at-home mom and built in friend to my only child, Darling Diva, so, much of the summer I'm lucky to spend with her, indulging in our common interests. 

So far, we've finished Harry Potter week, caught up on our Dr. Who, rewatched season one of Under the preperation for tonight's season two premiere(a must really), we're also trying to catch up on our reading.  DD has chosen to read The Hobbit and I'm digging into my, seriously long, TBR list.

Each of us is working on our separate ventures as well.  DD is focusing on her music (guitar, piano, flute and composing) while I should be writing, I've actually been working on my group blog, Shapeshifter Seductions, newsletter ~ Join Here

I've also been reviewing a contract I hope to sign soon for a short erotica I've had tucked away for a while...more on that good news later.  :)

So it's time to add writing back into my daily to do list, I guess I need to pick out a story to finish.  So many to choose from and such indecision.  But first, my July 4th blog post on the group blog for the upcoming hop.

Oh, by the way, check out the picture up top.  Totally cute, right.  It was gifted to me, recently and I just love it!  I've got the perfect picture to put in it of my bff on a certain trip to Dallas.  :)

Have a great week, ya'll!

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