Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Retro...

LOL...I'm gonna remember my Miranda rights, cause anything I say at this point could be held against me!  ;)


  1. Oh man, do I remember that from way back when. I don't even use a mixer these days. All by hand. However, I do have a small one in case I want to whip egg whites or stiffen cream.

  2. Muahhahahaha, stiffen cream, see I could just keep getting myself in trouble today! ;)

    But I digress, I don't have a stand-up mixer either, Savanna. Too much of a hassle and I don't bake anything that's not out of a box. :) My grandma had one that looked almost exactly like that one up there.

  3. Yes, darling, that was some stiff cream you just...

    oh gosh, not going there now.

    I don't do the box thing either, unless it's an organic mix... but still, I just generally mix the ingredients... I would say fresh, but no chickens or cows here. I should get a grain mill at some point.